I submit the intro for Hunchback of Notre Dame beats Circle of Life raw.

Especially since the former doesn’t have flocks of pink birds that immediately make me think, “Sure, Disney, you weren’t influenced at all by Osamu Tezuka. Tell us another one.”

This movie was surprisingly hardcore for a Disney retelling of Victor Hugo’s really screwed up story.

It also did a ton of great stuff with God and religion and Catholicism that somehow managed to still be about people and not bring “Why Religion Sucks” into the whole thing, which is aces.

One thing that surprises me is how well the animation has aged. Strangely enough, it looked weird at the time; we weren’t really used to traditional animation blended with computer backgrounds. But now that pretty much everything is computer animated, you can really appreciate how effin’ gorgeous the Cathedral backgrounds are.

Also, God Help the Outcasts is the most honest song featured in a Disney movie. “Honest” meaning it doesn’t feel manufactured specifically to be played in a suburbanite van ferrying kids to McDonalds. It’s raw, open, and genuine.

(Needless to say, there is nothing suburban about Hellfire, ho ho ho. Will we ever again see a Disney villain essentially sing, “Help me Mary, I have an unholy erection?”)

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New Smash Bros. coming to 3DS this summer ⊟

… and this Winter for Wii U. Not great news for those hoping to play this on a big screen TV, but it’s awesome for people who are fans of tiny cartridges, which I believe we have a few of.

Along with offering 60 FPS gameplay even while in stereoscopic 3D mode, the 3DS version will have an exclusive Smash Run mode. The mode has you and up to three other players fighting a mix of enemies from Nintendo games in a huge dungeon, gathering power-ups and eventually battling each other.

Both the Wii U and 3DS versions will feature online multiplayer, allowing you to play For Fun or For Glory (detailed in shots above!). They’ll also offer Charizard and Greninja as playable fighters!

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ash you fucking idiot

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Welcome to my future summer cottage

I want everything to do with this house.

This reminded me of a combination of The Secret Garden (especially the creepy hallway), Jane Eyre and A Series of Unfortunate Events,. I like it. I like it a lot

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